The Phoenix Transformation Challenge

Team up with your friends and compete to reach your goals. Redeem prizes and awards and the only competition is YOU.

What is the Transformation Challenge?:
It’s the catalyst of change and the resources to help you cultivate healthy habits and improve the quality of your life. It is a personalized approach to fitness and nutrition focusing on your specific goals and needs.

Is it a Weight-loss Challenge?:
Yes and no… Some people want to lose weight, some want to increase strength, or see improvements in their sport. What we do during The Phoenix Transformation Challenge is analyze the individual’s needs and desires, and to have the individual focus on competing with their former self.

What’s the deal with the teams?:
I fondly refer to these teams as “Dens” and each Den is associated with a different type of phoenix. When you’ve been associated with a Den and a Phoenix, you will now be part of a core group of buddies to help keep you motivated. Everyone’s journey to health is different and sometimes we just need some emotional support.

Are there points?:
Yes, Dens and Individuals will get points on various things, including attendance, progress, and motivating each other.

How long does the competition last?:
We will do consultations every 3 months to track progress. Depending on your goal, it may be reasonable for you to achieve it in 3 months. Some other goals we may need to be a little more patient for in order for the results to be manageable and healthy. In short, the duration of the competition varies per individual, and it also never ends!
Sometimes we fall and must rise up a few times to create positive change in our lives. You will have professional help and friends with similar goals and experiences to reach out to.

What do you win?:
The reward is in your results! And also you can win “Freestyle Funds” (in store credits) for various achievements throughout. Addition Surprise Prizes will be sprinkled thru the competition.

How does it work?:
Tabitha Johnson aka “Lady Phoenix” is our Advanced Certified Personal Trainer (A-CPT) and Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC) who will be your fitness guide on your journey. You will start with an initial consultation discussing your medical history and fitness background, while tracking statistics in heart rate, strength, endurance, ROM, and body composition.
The Initial Consultation is where your goals are determined, along with a reasonable deadline, and a plan to get you there. You will receive a nutrition guide at the beginning of your transformation with calculated caloric recommendations.

How do I sign up?:
First you must register for a membership at Freestyle Fitness. Membership options below (sales tax not included):
-Bronze (1 class/week)= $59.95/month
-Silver (2 classes/week) = $79.95/month
-Gold (3 classes/week) = $99.95/month
-PLATINUM (unlimited classes) = $120/month

Click HERE to Register.

Call Tabitha to schedule your Consultation: 502-229-9182

Special Offers:
For a limited time only the 24/7 gym is included with any of the above memberships at no extra cost. And if you join before November The Phoenix Transformation Challenge is FREE until 2019.

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