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My weight-loss journey began February 2016. I changed my eating habits and started drinking a lot of water. I decided to make a change when I hit my highest weight of 415lbs. A good friend of mine talked to me about joining Freestyle Fitness for about 3 months; It took a lot of convincing and for me to hit a plateau, I didn’t lose weight for almost a month. So I decided to try Freestyle Fitness; I absolutely loved it! It has been the best decision I have ever made. I never would have lasted more than 2 weeks at a normal gym. August 2016 is when I joined Freestyle Fitness. I started with going twice a week and the Transformation Program (where I learned to eat healthier than I already was). I can say since I started I have lost over 45lbs, over 12.5 inches, and body fat is down over 5%. Now I do 4 classes a week including 2 days of “Free-Fit” Body, yoga, and cardio hip hop. What I love the most is the family atmosphere and there is no judgment, like there is at other gyms. Tabitha, our trainer, is always motivating you and pushing you to your own personal limit. Not only is she encouraging, she is a friend. I have met so many great people who are here for the same purpose. It’s never too late to make a change in your life. It has also built my confidence. I can look in the mirror and love my body and myself.
— Tracy McCaroll


"Tabitha has taught me way more than weight training and nutrition, but how to be able to look into the mirror and see something beautiful. How strength and determination can be the most beautiful thing in the world, no matter what your size. I beg you, if you do one thing for yourself this year, sign up with Tabitha at the gym. You will never regret it." - April Martin (50lbs lost and still going!)


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"Before I came to freestyle fitness I was beginning to burn out....going to the gym doing the same exercises on my own or with a (sometimes) reliable workout friend and not seeing the results I wanted. I was afraid I was on my way back to being 40lbs heavier again if I didn't do something different. I researched gyms and found Freestyle Fitness. When I met Tabitha Johnson, Freestyle Fitness Owner, she explained to me how all of her classes were different each time and that she'd be there for me when I needed help. Plus she'd help with nutrition too! I couldn't believe it! This was exactly what I was needing...a guide, some accountability and a fitness routine that would adapt as I did. I LOVE this gym. I'm obsessed with my Freestyle Fitness Family. That's right, we are family here. I can't imagine going anywhere else now. Tabitha continues to help me grow in strength and confidence. Zach is an awesome trainer here too and Taylor's Yoga classes are wonderful. Just tried Muay Thai and that was really great too! This gym is truly the best! Come check it out! It's changed my life for the better!" - Desiree Clark (reduced body fat by 10%)

"One of the most difficult parts of getting in shape is knowing what to do. Freestyle Fitness takes the guess work out of it and lets you focus on your goal of getting fit. Many places leave new members struggling to keep up with the rest of the class and the feeling of being left behind. Freestyle Fitness adapts to each individual allowing you to get the most out of each workout regardless of your fitness level. You are only limited by how hard you challenge yourself. Along with the adaptive training, Freestyle Fitness provides the balanced nutritional guidance needed to succeed. Each month a custom guide is sent based on your fitness level and body composition. The classes are small focused giving you the benefit of personal training without the personal trainer prices." - Robert Martin (reduced body fat by 10%)


Anna Burns


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