The Phoenix Transformation Program
+”Nerdstyle” Edition

Freestyle Fitness is known for its a la carte offerings of alternative fitness styles and now they’ve really let their geek flag fly. In preparation for their annual Phoenix Transformation Challenge, Tabitha Johnson (personal trainer and nutrition consultant), inspired by her love for RPGs (Role-Play Games) and LARP (Live Action Role Play), has redesigned the Challenge and has added the “Nerdstyle” Edition. Guests now have the option to pick their class depending on their fitness goals-mimicking these classic role-play style games, and are challenged to complete ‘quests’ to earn XP (experience points) in game while simultaneously completing real-world tasks and earning real awards. This approach to fitness offers a more playful mindset, and thus (somewhat) tricks the subconscious into completing tasks that might not be enjoyable otherwise. If the frills of the “Nerdstyle” Edition don’t interest you, you can opt out for less ‘nerdy’ version.

The Transformation Challenge starts in November and goes through March. The challenge offers a personalized plan of action and nutrition guidance.

What is the Transformation Challenge?:
It’s the catalyst of change and the resources to help you cultivate healthy habits and improve the quality of your life. It is a personalized plan of action and nutrition guidance, in accordance with your goals and specific needs.

Is it a Weight-loss Challenge?:
No… Some people want to lose weight, some want to increase strength, or see improvements in their sport. What we do during The Challenge is analyze the individual’s needs and desires, and have the individual focus on nurturing new habits.

Are there points?:
Yes, as you accomplish tasks you earn points that accumulate, allowing you to advance to the next level. As you progress through the levels there are prizes and rewards, keeping you motivated and enthused.

What do you win?:
The rewards will vary as you progress through levels. Prizes may include Freestyle apparel, memberships/class cards, private parties for you and your friends, and gifts from partnered companies.

How does it work?:
Tabitha Johnson aka “Lady Phoenix” is our Advanced Certified Personal Trainer (A-CPT) and Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC) who will be your fitness guide on your journey. You will start with an initial consultation discussing your medical history and fitness background, while tracking statistics in heart rate, strength, endurance, ROM, and body composition.
The initial consultation is where your goals are heard, a reasonable deadline is determined, and a plan to get you there is set in place. You will receive a nutrition guide at the beginning of your transformation with your individualized plan and then monthly you will meet with your coach from there, so you won’t be alone through the process.

How do I sign up?:
First you must register for a membership at Freestyle Fitness, you may opt for any of our memberships: 24/7, bronze, silver, gold, platinum. After successfully becoming a member, purchase the Transformation Program. It will appear as another membership and is $25/month, it includes your nutrition guides and the one-on-one meetings with your coach. You may opt in for online coaching if you're far Freestyle.

Call Tabitha to schedule a consultation: 502-229-9182

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Be on the lookout for workshops that are truly a unique take on fitness, powered by some local geeky organizations, such as Nerd-esque Burlesque/Freestyle Productions, River City LARP, and Tim Roberts of Ulfhedinn Viking Entertainment.