In this 90 minute "Twerkshop" you will learn choreography by Lady Phoenix, as seen in your local Va Va Vixen shows!

All booties are welcome; whether you wanted to learn to twerk for fun or for an audience this class is great for all skill levels.

Expect to learn isolation exercises, terminology, basic movement, and technique in the art of Twerk.

Please wear nonrestrictive clothing and knee pads. Shorts are ideal and most sports stores carry volleyball kneepads. Pants should not be so tight that one cannot shake their booty in... But also not so loose that one cannot see the booty.

Please bring:
- Shorts/Nonrestrictive pants
- Knee Pads
- Water
- Positive attitude

Lady Phoenix

May 26, 2018



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Karim Nagi

May 19th & 20th, 2018


SATURDAY 12:00-2:00PM: DRUMMING FOR DANCERS & DANCING FOR DRUMMERS: This revolutionary class will bring dancers and drummers together, to teach them how to perform and interact. The drummers will learn the famous Arabic rhythms, phrases, and drum solo themes. The dancers will learn how to respond to each rhythmic phrase, how to coordinate their body isolations with each drum passage, and how to dance properly with a drum solo. Improvisation will be taught, as well as how to develop an entire Drum Solo Dance routine, with a perfect climax and finale ending !

SATURDAY 2:30PM-4:30PM: DABKE: Literally meaning "Stomp" in Arabic, Dabke is a group dance performed mostly as a unisex line dance. Dabke is avidly done at the weddings and parties of Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian and Palestinian communities. The movements include rhythmic stomping, kicking, sidewards walking, hoping and jumping. In social settings the dancers hold hands and form long moving lines or wide rotating circles.  You may also find Dabke used as a form of non-violent social protest during war and conflicts. But it is primarily a proud and energetic group line dance enjoyed by all ages and both genders.

GALA PERFORMANCE SATURDAY 8:00PM: Bring friends and family to see our gala showcase!
Workshop attendees, please contact Romana if you want to perform in show.

SUNDAY 11:00AM-1PM: SAIDI TAHTEEB & ASSAYA: The Saidi people are famous for this semi-acrobatic stick dance called "Tahteeb" for men and "Raqs Assaya" for women. It is essentially a form of martial art where the manipulation of the stick and the demeanor of movement replicated village life or battle scene. This dance is done solo or in groups where the sticks are operated in unison, and men and/or women play together. Karim teaches all the basic spins, flips and strikes. He stresses ambidextrous technique and utilizes both hands for the entire lesson. Double Cane is also demonstrated. The class culminates in a short choreography.

Weekend Pass: $255
Individual Class: $95


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