Learn choreography by Lady Phoenix, as seen in your local Va Va Vixen shows!

All booties are welcome; whether you wanted to learn to twerk for fun or for an audience this class is great for all skill levels.

Expect to learn isolation exercises, terminology, basic movement, and technique in the art of Twerk.

Please wear nonrestrictive clothing and knee-pads . Shorts are ideal and most sports stores carry volleyball knee-pads. Pants should not be so tight that one cannot shake their booty in them... But also not so loose that one cannot see the booty.

Please bring:
- Shorts/Nonrestrictive pants
- Knee Pads
- Water
- Positive attitude

"Twerk or Treat"
Lady Phoenix

Oct. 13, 2018



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"Flow Fans" Katrina

Sep. 8th, 15th, 22nd, & 29th 2018


$100 for 4 Classes

$30 for a single.


In this Series you will be introduced to the Flow Arts prop, FANS!

Lesson 1: WHAT AM I DOING?!
This will be day one of the series... never picked up fans before? NO PROBLEM! We will go over all the types of fans, some beginner terminology, and basic basic basic moves!

Lesson 2: WHAT THE WEAVE?!
This will be day two of the series and a repeat of my last fans class held at Freestyle Fitness. Even if you took the last one, it never hurts to refresh! This class will be going over all the different ways to weave the fan around you! We will break down timing and directions and make you look all fan-cy!

This will be day three of the series where we actually start spinning the fans on our hands! We will go over the difference of in-spin and anti-spin, which sounds intimidating, but it's super fun!
Warning: Fans will try to fly on this day! AKA you WILL drop them and it's OK!!!!

This will be the last and most fun day where we put skills to use in a choreographed piece to give you your own dance to use! Don't worry... it will still be easy... but oh so pretty!!!

Please wear non-restrictive clothing, bring a notepad for notes (not required but recommended), and the most important part... Positive attitudes!
Fans will be provided.

Katrina is a locally based Flow Artist who you may have seen with local groups such as Va Va Vixens, We Are the Weirdos, Kalashnikov Clowns, and as an independent performer. She has traveled around the East Coast and Midwest teaching fans and hoops at Flow Art Retreats from 2013 to current. She has won awards with Flow Arts Institute for Instructor of the Month and was nominated as Instructor of the Year. She was also named Fan Spin-spiration with Fire Arts Magazine.
Along with teaching she is also been the Fire Safety Director for many of the same retreats.


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"Tease" with Pixie Pistola

Oct. 6, 2018



In this 90 minute workshop you will learn an alluring chair dance choreography combined with a sultry strip tease!
We'll teach you how to draw someone in with your eyes, tantalize them with your movements, and then utilize the art of the tease to leave them wanting more!
Whether it's for someone special or just for fun, come learn to summon your inner seductress!
Please wear tight fitting shorts and sports bra so that you can wear lingerie over them to practice removal. There will be no nudity.
Chairs will be provided.
Please bring:
-Heels (in an easily removable style)
-Button down shirt (men's or loose fitting with cuffs that can be unbuttoned or are loose)
-Neck tie/scarf
-Bra for removal
-Bottoms/panties for removal
-Garter belt (optional)


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