Nerdtastic Workshops
Nov. 2nd & 3rd


Fitness is getting NERDY ... and it's pretty cool!

Freestyle Fitness is known for its a la carte offerings of alternative fitness styles and now they’ve really let their geek flag fly. In preparation for their annual Phoenix Transformation Challenge, Tabitha Johnson (personal trainer and nutrition consultant), inspired by her love for RPGs (Role-Play Games) and LARP (Live Action Role Play), has redesigned the program, mimicking these classic role-play style games. Guests now have the option to pick their class, depending on their fitness goals, and be challenged to complete ‘quests’ to earn XP (experience points) in game while simultaneously completing real-world tasks and earning real awards. This approach to fitness offers a more playful mindset, and thus (somewhat) tricks the subconscious into completing tasks that might not be enjoyable otherwise.

The Transformation Challenge starts in November and goes through March. The challenge offers a personalized plan of action and nutrition guidance. For more information visit our “Transformation” page.

To kick off the challenge, Freestyle Fitness is hosting a weekend of workshops that are truly a unique take on fitness, powered by some local geeky organizations, such as Nerd-esque Burlesque/Freestyle Productions, River City LARP, and Tim Roberts of Ulfhedinn Viking Entertainment. 

12pm - 2pm: Nerdlesque
A geeky twist to the classic vaudevillian entertainment of burlesque. The word ‘burlesque’ has existed since medieval times. Derived from the Italian word ‘burla’, which means ‘a joke’, the word has evolved in meaning over the centuries, particularly in the United States. From the 1860’s to the 1940’s, burlesque referred to performances in a variety show, which featured comedy and strip tease. Think fans and feather boas as opposed to explicit nudity. Since the 1990’s, burlesque has been making a comeback in popularity.
This class is great for beginners who want an introduction to burlesque, and for the experienced burlesque performer, looking for tips on character development and stage presence. This fun and active class encourages self-love and body positivity.
~Taught by "Lady Phoenix" with Nerd-esque Burlesque
Lady Phoenix is a hip hop dancer and neo burlesque aficionado. She has been dancing for over 25 years, performing independently and with local troupes such as The Va Vixens and Nerd-esque Burlesque. Nerd-esque is their name and Nerdlesque is their game. A Louisville based performing arts troupe, comprised of a variety of artists in a multitude of mediums.

3pm - 5pm: Intro to L.A.R.P. (Role-Play Mini Games)
LARP is an acronym for Live Action Role-Play, and in a LARP game, the participants physically portray their characters. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented in the real world while interacting with each other in character. Generally played with foam swords called “boffers” and spell packets filled with bird seed that act as physical representations of magical attacks.
The inexperienced LARPer can expect to learn the interworkings of LARP as well as the general concept of LARP, and what it can be. The experienced LARPer can enjoy meeting and interacting with others, while maybe dragging some friends along. If you’ve been interested in LARP and wanted to give it a try, this is a fun sampler. Costumes not required but are encouraged. Boffers and spell packets will be provided. You may bring your own boffers but they are subject to inspection (for safety reasons).
~Led by RiverCityLARP
River City LARP is a new interactive game company that has been developing a new campaign called Magoria. Set in a fantasy world with warriors, mages, and more.
-Free workshop, accepting donations.

12-4: Train like a Viking! Sword fighting, combat, and self-defense
This workshop will cover practical martial arts techniques for self defense, flourishes, and how these techniques can be adapted to stage combat. This will include open-hand and Viking weaponry.
~Taught by Tim Roberts from Ulfhedinn Vikings
Tim Roberts has over 25 years of martial arts experience and is the Director and Owner of Ulfhedinn Vikings. He is an accomplished martial artist with a multi-discipline background; holding the title of Master in Hapkido, a Third Dan black belt in Taekwondo, Capoeira Instructor for Beira-Mar, First Shodan black belt in Jujitsu, and Third brown belt in Shaolin-do. He has coached national and international martial arts teams and was inducted into The Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame in and USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Event Prices:
- Nerdlesque Workshop: $45
- Intro to LARP: Free, no registration (accepting donations)
- Viking Training: $65
-Weekend Pass: $95 (Includes Nerdlesque & Viking Training)
(Register in advance, space is limited and registration will close 2 hours prior to event.)

Twerkshop with Lady Phoenix

Nov. 23 @ 12pm


Learn choreography and booty moving tips from Lady Phoenix!
All booties are welcome; whether you want to learn to twerk for fun or for an audience, this class is great for all skill levels.
Expect to learn isolation exercises, terminology, basic movement, and technique in the art of Twerk.
Please wear nonrestrictive clothing and knee-pads . Shorts are ideal and most sports stores carry volleyball knee-pads. Pants should not be so tight that one cannot shake their booty in them... But also not so loose that one cannot see the booty.
Please bring:
- Shorts/Nonrestrictive pants
- Knee Pads
- Water
- Positive attitude

Duration: 120 minutes
Price: $35