Student Showcase

July 13, 7pm


*Freestyle's Student Showcase
Students and Instructors at Freestyle will have a chance to show off their skills at this private event.

If you are a student at Freestyle, taking a minimum of 2 classes a month, we hope to see you show off at this upcoming Showcase.

● 1 act per performer.
● Performance should not be longer than 5 minutes.
● Choreography, Music, and Costume are performer responsibilities.

*Important Dates:
June 1: Submit your idea to Tabitha!

June 15: Choreography check-in.

July 6: Music and Choreography deadline.

July 12 @ 7:00pm: Dress rehearsal/tech run.

July 13 @ 7:00pm – Showcase!

“Improve Your Burly Improv!”

by Mayo Lua De Frenchie

June 23, 12pm


In this 90-minute workshop, learn how to give a more honest and in-the-moment performance by moving between the lines, while giving your audience more interactive attention. We'll go over tips for structuring an act for floor shows, drag clubs, and intentional improv acts. You'll have an opportunity to challenge yourself to use what we learn with a few engaging exercises and a mini-improv competition at the end of class. Bring heels, comfy clothes and a notebook and writing utensil. For adult dancers; all levels and all genders welcome!

This workshop is $15! Get your tickets soon, it will sell out quick!
Click HERE to register.